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​I usually have a few things on my “wish list” at Amazon.com. Instead of making a donation via Cash/Check, Credit Card, PayPal or Venmo, consider buying one of these items as a gift. Amazon handles everything — they will ship it to my address, and include a custom greeting from you, so I will know who gave me the gift. It’s pretty awesome to get a surprise gift in the mail! 🙂

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  1. You should see a checkbox that says “This is a Gift” — please check that box. That will allow you to leave me a message.  Please tell me your callsign, so that I can properly document your gift and send you a thank you note.
  2. It will ask where you want the package to be delivered. Make sure you leave it set to “Scott Neader’s Gift Registry Address” so the package is mailed to my address (and not yours).
  3. IMPORTANT:  I ALWAYS send a THANK YOU email to everyone that sends me a gift, as long as I know the callsign of the person that sent the gift.  Sometimes Amazon does not include the “gift receipt” with the giver’s message and callsign, so I have no way to thank the person that gave the gift.  PLEASE send me an email if you send me a gift and you don’t get a thank you from me within a week!  Or, even better, use the form below to give me a heads up the gift is coming.

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